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This is the official blog of RubyMotion, a toolchain for iOS, OS X and Android development that lets you do iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android apps in Ruby.

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What a week!

It has been exactly a week since RubyMotion was released to the wild and so many things happened that we had to cover this in a blog post.

We have been overwhelmed by the success of our launch and the wonderful community that has so immediately formed around RubyMotion.

The Community

As of today there are about 55 RubyMotion-related repositories on GitHub, all contributed by RubyMotion users.

There are code samples demonstrating a particular feature or framework; GLKit/OpenGL, Facebook, Parse, cocos2d and many more.

Users have been working on abstractions for CoreData, UIKit and more.

There is also preliminary support (including code-completion) for Redcar, TextMate and Vim.

The folks at RailsFactory are doing a great job at tracking everything RubyMotion-related.

Software Updates

We uploaded 3 software updates to deal with early bugs. A 4th one will be coming before the end of the week.

Feature wise, RubyMotion is now able to handle Interface Builder resource files, a functionality that has often been requested.

Educational Licenses

We have had many inquiries for educational licenses. We are extremely excited that students are being drawn to RubyMotion.

If you sent us a request for an educational license, please accept our apologies for the late response. We will start contacting you early next week. Your emails have not been lost!

Maintenance Renewal Fee

As specified in our website, RubyMotion comes with one year of free software updates and access to the support ticket system.

After that year, customers who want to keep receiving updates or have support will need to renew the maintenance program.

We had not specified what the yearly maintenance program will cost. The current plan is to have the maintenance program be priced at half the regular cost of the software license+support.  With the current (full) cost of $199 the fee for next year will be $99.

Early Bird Discount

Currently RubyMotion can be purchased at a 25% discount. We will keep the discount for 3 more weeks. We will communicate on twitter a few days before the discount ends.

Interested in giving RubyMotion a try? We offer a 30 days money back guarantee. Download it today!
Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with everything that is happening in the community.

By Laurent Sansonetti.