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This is the official blog of RubyMotion, a toolchain for iOS, OS X and Android development that lets you do iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android apps in Ruby.

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Community, Open Source, Updates


We are simply amazed by how quickly a community has formed around RubyMotion since the very first day it was released.

RubyMotion is about to turn one month old and there are already more than 100 projects on GitHub, including sample projects, DSL libraries and support for various text editors. A big Thank You to you guys!

Open Source

After much thought and deliberation, we decided to open parts of RubyMotion. We believe that this will make it even easier for the community to contribute to and extend the RubyMotion platform, leading to a better RubyMotion for everyone.

Today, we are opening the “lib” directory of RubyMotion, which contains the build system, project Rakefile, the configuration object and also the project vendoring system. Check out the HipByte/RubyMotion repository.

We are also releasing the Developer Center documentation under a Creative Commons license. It contains the guides and articles. We will be adding new articles soon. Check out the HipByte/RubyMotionDocumentation repository.

App Store

Since the last post there has been 3 more RubyMotion apps in the App Store!

Birdemia is a simple video game that features attacking birds. Explosions included. Made by Alexey Prohorenko. Source code available on GitHub.

Got my app out of the door with RubyMotion in just 2-3 hours. Went through approval very smoothly, no problems or concerns at all, so thumbs up for #rubymotion.

Greta Sans explores the Greta Sans typeface through an intuitive interface. The app includes HTML5 code. Made by Thijs van der Vossen.

ZAC is a sport app (Dutch only). Made by Dimitri Tischenko and Joachim Nolten.

The experience was great! Even for me, without any previous iOS or mac dev experience. Concept to App Store in ~3 days.

Updates & Support

We are focusing on polishing the existing features as well as fixing the occasional minor bugs reported so far. Our objective right now is to make sure RubyMotion works greatly for every customer. We’ll introduce more features a bit later.

Having attracted so many customers so quickly, we are currently dealing with a few growing pains, particularly when it comes to scaling our in-house support platform.¬†We are evaluating other support solutions at the moment. We apologize if you haven’t heard back from us in a while and invite you to send us an email directly at

Early Bird Discount

If you or someone you know wants to purchase RubyMotion and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount (25% off) you need to hurry up and buy it. The Early Bird Discount ends Monday, June 4th.

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Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with everything that is happening in the community.

By Laurent Sansonetti.