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Announcing MotionMeetup: Monthly Online RubyMotion Meetups!

(This is a guest post from Gant Laborde)

While RubyMotion continues to build momentum, it’s obvious that not everyone can attend such endeavors as RubyMotion #inspect or the public RubyMotion training in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fear not! From the community of RubyMotion developers we’re happy to announce a new monthly online meetup for everyone, worldwide, called MotionMeetup.


This online meetup will spotlight a developer from the RubyMotion community or general RubyMotion ecosystem to interview and interact with the community.

Meetups will, as of now, occur once a month and consist of at least 30 minutes of live discussion via video conference. The discussions will cover a wide array of topics generally consisting of each spotlighted guest’s projects all the way to their opinions and philosophies.

You’ll also be able to ask your own questions in the #rubymotion IRC channel on freenode and interact with featured guests and fellow developers while the video conference is going on.

If you would like to be notified on updates please fill out the sign up form at MotionMeetup. If you’re interested in being a featured guest for a future meetup or would like to see a topic addressed, please contact the coordinators of MotionMeetup, the good people at Iconoclast Labs.

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By Laurent Sansonetti.