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New RubyMotion Screencasts: MotionInMotion

(This is a guest post from Jack Watson-Hamblin (aka @FluffyJack), creator of MotionInMotion.)

MotionInMotion is launching very soon, and will be one of the screencasts of choice for many to expand their skills and keep them up to date.

I’ve been working away at getting ready to launch this as a new regularly released screencast for RubyMotion. To make sure I was creating good content you would be interested in, I got together 20 people for an early access group, and I’ve been getting great feedback from them as they’ve enjoyed the screencasts.

I’ve put together a pre-launch episode about Nick Quaranto’s motion-layout wrapper, and how I use it to take control of Auto Layout and quickly get it working in my iOS apps.

Everyone that sign’s up to the launch list on the coming soon page, will get a 20% lifetime discount on their subscription when they subscribe in the first week after launch.


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Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with everything that is happening in the community.

By Laurent Sansonetti.